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"Whoa! R-Really?" She suddenly burst out, before covering her mouth suddenly feeling embarrassed.


"Oh uh..s-sorry for yelling out like that…" she lowered her voice as well. "Y-You can l-look into timelines? Th-That’s amazing." 

   She would hold up a singular finger at the slight outburst, a slightly strained smile showing through. “It’s okay, just.. a bit of a down low thing.” She looked around very briefly, as if all she needed was to consider her surroundings to make a decision. “It’s more of an.. anomaly per-se, and I’ve hardly got the hang of it, but..” She nodded, smile returning to its prior relaxed demeanor. “A little more than ‘looking' more often than some people would think.”

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"You figured a playful push like that wouldn’t suck ass?” To put it as bluntly as possible. 

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I push everyone away but in a way I’m doing them a favor


i like to use exclamation marks because they cover up the fact that i am dead inside!!!!

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1. Name of your muse:
Binary - Alissa Dahlstrom
Zero - Carmen Eristide

2. One picture you like best of your muse’s fc:

Kinda still have to get the hang of drawing recognizable faces. whoops. I’m working on it, I swear.

3. Two headcanons you have for your muse that you never told anyone:


  • Binary has an interest in crystallography and geology. Big fan of rocks and rock formations. In a non-combine world she grows up to study applications to power and utilization of both in structures and self-replication techniques; if she were born a decade or so earlier in non-AU states she would probably have the chance to take place in either a Black Mesa or Aperture Science take-your-daughter-to-work day (and as such have been another casualty, likely. More likely to lean towards BM for their acquisition of Xenite “resources.”
  • The “lone wolf” routine she takes up is because she doesn’t want her comrades to get involved, but also because she enjoys the slight freedom that being a singular agent has to offer, and a lot of the time it makes her the ranking officer, even prior to the possible Valkyrie promotions (which she’s kind of hoping a certain Aperture operation might lead to).


  • The title and designation of “Zero” isn’t just due to her rank and status, but also because of the beginning of attempted joint-Synthetic operations. She has a red-ink tattoo on the back of her left arm that has the numbers “00” indicating that there are anywhere between ten and a hundred of the synthetic operators planned. When she went operational, there were only two others.
  • The “mental instability” issue could probably be solved through allowing her more active roles. She’d prefer to stretch her muscles than to sit behind a desk, even if it might trigger something in her brain.

4. Three things that your muse loves doing in their free time:


  • Experimenting with rations, trying to improve the taste (and texture, gah).
  • Reading and researching in general (typically through the Combine satcomms, though).
  • Try to find things and people of interest, usually for the purpose of practicing actual social interaction. Yes, with things.


  • Reading contraband books, because they get confiscated to her.
  • Consuming alcohol and burning what doesn’t work.
  • Talking to herself and plotting various strategies based around where she’s at and what she’s got.

5. Four people that your muse loves:

Binary (emotional attachment at best, probably)

  • Her original guardian/ trainer (Designation Unknown), “Emily Zahaak.”
  • Children. She knows the current state of a majority of those in factories and training facilities, but within City 08, she makes the best attempts to fight malnutrition, primarily because she feels she would likely have ended up there if not for the person above. 
  • Marie.
  • Last spot is tied between Ender and a prince from hell who was equally asexual and offered control over armies of hell.

Zero (nobody you'd know, that's for sure)

  • 02, a young girl with the co-designation SyN.SyH-00002; EmP.EpU-00002
  • Administrator (ADMN-08) “Emilia Nazarova.”
  • Co-Administrator (CoA-08) “David Ermakov.”
  • Reconstruction Medic (Zero.RMdK-79850) “Issimer Nebulus.”

6. Three fond childhood memories:

     Definitely something Binary can call on, her training began at a very young age but she remembers enjoying starting gymnastics prior to the combine invasion as well as being free from a lot of the typical tyranny involved within the cities. She recalls a hidden series of food and spice stashes in her home(?)city in Eleven, as well as the sight of the Paris Citadel.

     Zero hardly remembers much of a childhood. Time is pretty blurry in her own memories, especially after considering her blank dreamscapes and the load of training programs she went through almost right off. There’s barely anything that can be considered any better than “tolerable” in her childhood.

7. One thing they’d go through heaven or hell to save/change:

Binary will go through both to change her fate, by the time I’m through with her. She isn’t meant to be a loyalist forever.

Zero might go through either to get rid of her mentally unstable classification so that she can get out of the boredom her life has given her. She’d really like her flamethrower and her /friends/ back.

Out of Character:

1. What’s your name? 

2. When is your birthday? 
May 7.

3. Where are you from? 
Los Angles.

4. Have a crush? 
I did, but I’m personally a little bit detached from emotion at the moment.

5. What’s your favorite color? 
Purple, something I have in common with the person who tagged me, hah. Red and turqoise follow close behind. Would also dye my hair any and all of the colors.

6. Write something in caps? 

7. Got a favorite band/artist?
Ludo, The Hush Sound, My Chemical Romance, but not really. I just like what I like.

8. Favorite number?

9. Favorite drink? 
Root beer, followed closely by ~really fruity~ sodas like cherry and strawberry and lime Fanta.

10. Tag People:
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"Um…th-that’s interesting…" She said, trying her best not to sound confused or anything of the sort. She didn’t want to hurt Binary’s feelings. 

   "Oh, I’m sorry, I filled that with technical jargon, didn’t I?" Binary scrunched up a little bit, feeling very breifly heated before shrugging ever so slightly. "I kind of.." she lowers her tone significantly, just over a whisper, "/Look into/ timelines and attempt to resolve certain conflicts. There were certain storms where I came from that weakened bonds of reality, so my employers are using me to patch that up."

A Lot More have Started and have been Following Their Dreams


A broad, friendly smile graced the Shaper’s face as he gave her a pat on the back before exclaiming, “Dat’s da spirit!” Right after, he jumped over the railing of the balcony and onto the rolling hills of the meadow as if everything below was merely a very detailed model just a meter off the balcony and not thousands of meters away. “But da thing about my favorite part is: dat I didn’t make it! Or at least not fully. I just directed an’ started it It sorta spiraled into what it is today by itself!” he said, beckoning her to follow. “Wanna guess what it is?”

   Despite the difference in height now assumed, Zero took the plunge over the railing herself, no heed to the possibility of a thousand-meter drop. It felt particularly familiar to her, as in the case of a drop to a city that appeared massive and miles below the surface, scaring away many of the first reconnaissance teams prior to her, but it had actually been only a few feet down, and to the scale of a small city at a far depth.

   "Hmmm." Was her initial response as to guessing what could possibly be the god’s favorite part of his dreamscape. She hardly knew the man, after all. "A ginormous shrine, with elaborate golden warducks?" Totally a thing, after all. She should know. The directing of the garden was something she had a bit of praise towards. If she had been able to create something like this, she probably would have spent more time dreaming instead of in limbo.

I’m not used to being loved. I wouldn’t know what to do.
F. Scott Fitzgerald, More Than Just A House (via ara-ne-um)


when you send a reply that you know is gonna kill your partner


☂ - Pushed into a body of water

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