With a knife behind my back...
A bloodless Coup d'état hopefully. It's not fool proof.

"Due to threats-within, right?" A slight grin grew out of that question. "Affirmative. I should be able to deal with at least a few of those in question. I wonder if I can convince the Administrator to let loose a few from the SyN division.."

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I want to persuade the administrator to do the same, but he's toying with me instead. I need your help to do it.

"Hmm.. well, I could remind him that some equipment still requires field testing in lieu of other bait. I’ll talk to him. Do you have a plan following disabling.. her?"

Disabling, GLaDOS. You have intel on her, right?

..that was an ambitious favor. “Some intel, yes. It might be somewhat of a bonus that I have not had direct contact.. although she has possibly seen me around.”

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It’s because I forgot.



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He chuckles. “Glad you like it” He takes a seat and starts to eat his own plate, enjoying the taste, too.

She grins a little more, fairly quickly devouring the rest of that pancake before moving on to the eggs, which she takes a little bit longer savoring. “It’s delicious.” she says rather simply, a bit of a blush on her own cheeks as well.


He blushes as he could feel her eyes on the food. He tried not to screw up in the process. Thankfully, he puts the food on separate plates and hands one to her. “Careful. It’s hot”, he daid. He blushed at how attractive her face was, looking away a little.

   She nodded a little bit, smiling as she set the plate down. “Thank you. It looks good.” She claims this, but remains able to keep watching his face as she does. He certainly did keep blushing around her. Peculiar. She looked over the food and licked her top lip slightly before picking up a pancake and biting into it after examining both sides. Okay, that was definitely better than what came in rations. “Mmmhf..~”

A Lot More have Started and have been Following Their Dreams


The dream-lord looked back in order to reply to her suggestion. She wouldn’t be the last person to observe his work. By no means. However, he stopped there and appreciated his guest feeling at home enough to allow herself to breath the dream-air of his world.

He giggled at her questions; now fully facing her. “Nah, dis is probably da only place where dose over-sized bloated maggots can’t track ya down. Though…” he trailed off, making the impression of considering something. “…considerin’ how screwy time is ‘round here. I’m not sure dat when ya come back whether even a second or a day might pass.”

   "Shouldn’t be a problem. I’m high enough up that I’ll only get a visitor unless we’re being invaded or I miss a therapy session." She grinned a little bit, making practice of dreaming and trying to vanish her mask without use of her hands. After all, it wasn’t every night that she was fully aware of herself. In fact, sometimes she could go months without remembering her dreams beyond a fraction of a second after waking.

   "To believe I made it to Divisional Leader, outside of being awesome, is a wonder." She brought her hands up and toyed with her alternate hand’s fingers, tilting her head to each side shortly. "Still.. like you said, what’s the point of having a garden if there’s nobody else to enjoy it? Lets get to your favorite part."


He nods. “Yes” He heads into the kitchen to start making the eggs and pancakes.

"Nice." She secures visor at her belt, following him to the kitchen and watching rather eagerly but not quite over-the-shoulder. True eggs were a bit of a rarity, especially on field duty, so it was a bit of a learning experience to watch him cook with them.

Shenanigans and Saturnius [@who-is-that-girl]


Hearing another voice, made Mos smile, but then, when she understood what the other was saying she frowned. It had been too much time since she fled from the Time War now. At least two hundred years, but the dark memories still there, haunting her. The Time Lady looked around, trying to find someone else that this person could be talking to, as she didn’t find anyone, Mos replied 

"Um… I’m Mos…" she thought a little bit. Maybe they want a more formal identification. Say that she wasn’t a human, probably wouldn’t be the best thing to do in this situation, so she continued "M-Mos Lockheart." It has been a long time since the last time she presented herself like this, it felt strange now. Mos rised her hands, showing that she was harmless, while she ran her eyes through the trees, trying to find who she was talking to.

     Binary watched slowly, and understanding the identification, she brought her hand forwards once more as she checked her database for a matching name, which was unlikely to be found in Mos’s case. Her viewport magnified and visually searched Miss Lockheart somewhat easier in her adjusted position. It had seemed she went through a variety of emotions in the time since being picked up on.

     "Stay where you are. I will come to you." Binary picked a mirror tool from a pouch on her belt and held it to reflect the sun enough to announce her position a little better on approach. Hopefully she wasn’t very out of it yet. No register from the database so far, so she probably didn’t have to report the findings until returning later. With her gear all back in place, she closed the gap between them with a dash, hop over a tree, and a slight skid before close enough for non-amplified communication.

     "Apologies if I startled you too badly. Are you armed?"

All tied up and no place to go.




All Tied Up and No Place to Go: My muse is tied up in shibari-style bondage until someone finds and frees them


Okay… okay. Okay! What the hell was she going to do now? Nadja shifted in the lovely geometric bindings, the rope was made of gentle soft fibers and it wasn’t tight but the fact that her arms tied completely behind her back made her immobile enough to be uncomfortable. For a moment she just admired the knots and the symmetry at her front, admiring the complexity of it. As usual her nudity didn’t bother her, and this wasn’t so bad, actually; but the idea of any body finding her like this…

It was… no. But… she couldn’t get out on her own…

Well, this was a dillema. She just prayed John or Wheatley and pretty much every sentient being she knew wouldn’t see this. Maybe if she tried to scoot out the door and find something to loosen the rope. Ah- nope- she was lying on the ground now. So Much for that.

Nadja tensed at the sound of footsteps, but peered curiously, albeit, nervously as the new comer closed in. Then, upon seeing it was a complete stranger, sighed with great relief. “Please? Help would be extremely appreciated.” Nadja perked up at the word.

"I believe a little is an understatement, however." She said, glancing down at the way it pretty much criss crossed all over. It was nice rope, something that could definitely be used or utilized, if it wasn’t cut up. Maybe she could keep it? Use it in one of her projects or other things. "But yes, please."

"Ah, yes. This is quality stuff." Binary sounded admiring, both of the crisscross pattern and the rope’s perceived threadcount itself. If she were a cat, she might’ve purred. Lovely tools and very thorough restraint. ”Whoever left you this way to begin with did a good job of it!” 

"Hm.. lets work on getting your arms free first..~" Certainly enough, she was more aesthetically pleased by such a development than anything else, and sat down close to the test subject’s side to begin work in unraveling multiple strands of rope with contour-gloved hands and as delicate a touch as one might administer. Other than perhaps a small amount of rubbing from the ropes covering Nadja’s body, it might’ve seemed like hardly any rope-burn could occur at all. "No problem, though. You got a name? You can call me ‘Binary' if you'd like.”

You're not under my command, but perhaps I could ask a favor?

"A favor..?" Binary questioned Marie, knowing little of favors, especially when things within squads were simply providing for each other’s continued existence, and items between commanders were.. as Marie nearly stated, commands. "Most likely, but lets hear it first."

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